Friday, February 27, 2009


Not to be left out of the lucrative convention business, the steampunk crowd now has one to call home.

The first annual Steamcon will be held October 23-25 2009 in the Seattle Airport Marriott. They plan on having everything from an art exhibition, to theater, to demonstrations about modifying guns (I would assume on how to make them steampunk approved). Oh, and I can't leave out the cabaret act, RPG's, lessons in etiquette, "talks and discussions", and even a display of steam tech.

My initial thought was that as cool as I think steampunk is, I don't know that I'd pony up the cash to attend a convention devoted to it. That is, until I noticed on their site that it would appear that the 3-day ticket is available for $30 through June 1. Now the only thing keeping me back is the whole other-side-of-the-country-and-I'm-on-a-budget issue that also makes PAX, E3, CES, GDC, and SXSW unreasonable to consider.

[via Twitter @steamcon]

"That's it, no more Mr. Knife Guy." - Will Smith as Capt. James West

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