Thursday, January 29, 2009


I know it's cliché but I couldn't resist such a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the over-used meme.

On topic; it would appear EPIC games screwed up royally with the DRM implemented in the PC release of its blockbuster Gears Of War. What was the mistake you ask? They put an expiration date on the DRM certificate. This is a stupid idea. As of January 28, 2009 Gears is impossible to play without tweaking your system's time clock. While this fix isn't terribly difficult, it is definitely annoying and something that is absolutely unreasonable to expect fans to put up with.

According to EPIC they are, in fact, aware of the problem and are working on a fix. All I can say that they'd better get it fixed before the community starts taking things into their own hands and circumvents DRM in an effort to, gasp, render the game they purchased playable.
EPIC, do yourself a favor and fix it soon. [via ars technica]

Update: Supposedly the bug is not related to DRM, EPIC blames the anti-cheat scheme they have in place. [via ars technica]

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yahtzee Reviews Gears of War 2

To rip off an old commercial "He likes it! Hey Yahtzee!" He pretty much nails it when he says "Sometimes, popular things are popular for a reason--because they're good."

I just want to know why it took old Yahtzee until the end of January to review one of the biggest releases of 2008; a release which occured early November. At least the delay didn't affect me, I already decided I like it. (psst. If you haven't go play Horde Mode. Now.)

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Big Sale!

This is awesome.

Thank you Cosmic Kitty [via Lifehacker]

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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Just wanted to round out the night by sharing this story from Clientcopia. It made me chuckle.

Also, has anyone checked out I've been seeing commercials for it but they don't share what it is beyond that kgb stands for "The Knowledge Generation Bureau". It looks like a search engine ala ChaCha. The site looks pretty, however the acronym is a bit of a turnoff for me.

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Verizon Acquires Alltel, Creates Opportunity for Amazing Ad Campaign

More news from The Boy Genius Report. Verizon Wireless has completed its acquisition of Alltel wireless, putting itself in position to be the largest cell phone service provider in the United States. Suck on that AT&T. Even better though, think of the ad campaign possibilities Verizon could build off Alltel's campaign following 'Chad' the Alltel salesperson. Picture this: Chad and the verizon guy have lemonade stands next to each other as kids, then kiosks next to each other as adults. Then one day in place of the two kiosks there will be one super-large Verizon wireless kiosk.
Verizon, lets talk.

New Class of Computer?

Asus unveiled a new class of computer at CES this year: the keyboard computer. It is essentially a keyboard with computing specs similar to the netbooks we've been seeing, even down to integrated 802.11 B/G/N, bluetooth, and wireless HDMI. And just in case you don't have, or want, an external monitor, it has a 5 inch touch screen in the place you would find the number pad on a traditional keyboard. One caveat before you get too excited, Asus hasn't announced a price or release date for the Eee Keyboard, so we can only hope that as a member of the Eee line it will be reasonable.

I for one, can't wait to see how this pans out. [thanks to The Boy Genius Report for sharing]