Thursday, January 29, 2009


I know it's cliché but I couldn't resist such a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the over-used meme.

On topic; it would appear EPIC games screwed up royally with the DRM implemented in the PC release of its blockbuster Gears Of War. What was the mistake you ask? They put an expiration date on the DRM certificate. This is a stupid idea. As of January 28, 2009 Gears is impossible to play without tweaking your system's time clock. While this fix isn't terribly difficult, it is definitely annoying and something that is absolutely unreasonable to expect fans to put up with.

According to EPIC they are, in fact, aware of the problem and are working on a fix. All I can say that they'd better get it fixed before the community starts taking things into their own hands and circumvents DRM in an effort to, gasp, render the game they purchased playable.
EPIC, do yourself a favor and fix it soon. [via ars technica]

Update: Supposedly the bug is not related to DRM, EPIC blames the anti-cheat scheme they have in place. [via ars technica]

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